Lodging in Shepherdstown

Shepherdstown has several hotels of moderate size:

  • Bavarian Inn

  • Clarion Hotel (*block of 20 rooms reserved at $104/rm/night + 12% tax)

  • Comfort Inn (*block of 20 rooms reserved at $86/rm/night + 12% tax)

  • Rooms are a few dollars more during the peak summer season for our August weekend, but there is convenient camping nearby on the C & O canal, and a number of local air bnb's to choose from. 

There are also several bed & Breakfasts nearby:

Other places nearby with lodging options are Charles Town, Harpers Ferry and Martinsburg, WV as well as a number of nice B&B's near Antietam Battlefield in Sharpsburg, MD.  Also, check for listings on AirBnB! We can often arrange lawn camping with a local resident by request.

For those on a tight budget, Upper Potomac usually has a few housing scholarships, staying in homes of friends of the festival.  Scholarships are given in exchange for providing a few hours of work during the weekend in set up and clean up.  Contact the festival office for details.


Block-booked rooms… at Clarion and Comfort Inn

For your convenience we have reserved 20 rooms for each of our 3 weekends.  This reservation holds those 20 rooms until 1 month before the event.  Although they have only held 20 rooms for us, we can get the same rate for additional rooms if they are available.

  • Say UPPER POTOMAC to get the rate.

  • Check into rates for other group rates if they apply to you. AARP, Government (at Clarion) may have slightly better rates!

  • The price is  per room.  Each room has either 2 queen sized beds or a King size bed.  You may put as many people as you like in your room.  This flexibility can make the food and lodging package YOU put together cheaper than our previous options at Hilltop House and Cliffside, since you can do meals anywhere you like.

Some events will have many more participants, so reserve early.   

Comfort Inn has a complimentary "continental breakfast bar." Clarion has restaurants.  Comfort Inn is right next to Food Lion.  Both are walkable to Shepherdstown… about 1/4 mile away.  

Neither has a good gathering spot for evening events that they will make available to us.  Our evening programs will happen on campus, at one of our beautiful local churches, at local restaurants or pubs, or at the War Memorial Building.