2022 Classes: 

Classes listed in blue are predominantly for fiddle. Classes in red type indicate instruments other than fiddle are welcome!

If you have questions about classes, your playing level or about festival logistics, feel free to contact our festival office. upperpotomac@gmail.com (304 263-2531)

Class 1 – Saturday 10am-12 noon

  • Int: Old Time- Crooked Tunes ( Rachel Eddy)                                                                                          In this old-time repertoire class, Rachel will lead everyone through a few crooked gems!  Aimed for fiddle but all instruments welcome.

  •  Int.-Adv.: Fiddle Tunes from the Gaspe Peninsula and Acadian New Brunswick (Lisa Ornstein)             (Édouard Richard's "Cotillon de la mariée" and "Brandy de Gustave McLaughlin"). We'll learn two lively tunes from the repertories of fiddlers Édouard Richard and Robin LeBlanc. The cotillon is a beautiful "crooked" tune in G major; the Brandy is a super step-dance tune in the key of D. All melody instruments welcome (melodeon players, please make note of the keys these tunes are in!)

Class 2 – Saturday 2-4:00pm

  •  Adv Beg.- Int.:   Cape Breton Treasures (Troy MacGillivray)                                                              Learn some iconic slow Cape Breton tunes... waltzes, marches and airs from Cape Breton with discussion about accompaniment and ornamentation.

  • Int - Adv: West Virginia Pocahantas County Tunes for the month of January (Lisa Ornstein)             (Burl Hammonds' "Old Christmas" and Franklin George's "Twenty-eighth of January"). What better way to start the year than with a couple of beautiful modal fiddle tunes with seasonal connections. Have your fiddle in standard tuning. 

 Mini Classes -4:30- 6:00pm 

All Levels.  Old Time Jam Session (Rachel Eddy and Emily Hammond)                   

     Play all of your favorite Old Time tunes led by Rachel and Emily.  Guaranteed to be a fun time!  

Class 3 – Sunday 10am-12 noon

  • Int. - Adv. The Magic of Sligo Fiddle (Oisin MacDiarmada)                                                                      This class will focus on the relationship between bowing, phrasing and ornamentation in traditional Irish fiddling. Repertoire will mostly consist of traditional tunes rather than recent compositions with a particular focus on classic traditional tunes. This will be an interactive format in which questions from the students will be encouraged..                                                 

  • Int.-Adv  Exploring Scottish Fiddle Music (Laura Risk)                                                                                There's nothing like a driving Scottish fiddle tune to launch a session to the next level! Laura will teach a tune or two and share ornamentation and bowing ideas. Tunes TBD but jigs, strathspeys, and marches are high on the list.                                                 

Class 4 – Sunday 2:00-4:00 pm

  •   Fiddling from Québec and the Gaspé (Laura Risk)                                                                                 Come learn some of the exciting fiddling repertoire from Québec and the Gaspé peninsula! Laura will share a tune or two from Québec, with a special focus on music from Douglastown, a village at the tip of Québec’s Gaspé peninsula, where she worked with the community to document local repertoire                                .  

  • Int. -Adv.: Captivating Cape Breton Fiddle Tunes (Troy MacGillivray)                                                       Learn a strathspey, jig and reel in the Cape Breton style with work on defining bowing, phrasing and accompaniment which give it it's distinctive feel.