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COVID Protocol for 2023

  This is a moving target and will be updated if CDC recommendations change, but here is our plan and intention as I put this together in October.  We would like to make the weekend as comfortable as possible without risking the lives of any in our beloved community, so we encourage you to use common sense and courtesy during the weekend.

 Before coming: A few days before you come, we recommend that you get a PCR test if you have travelled or been at any large public events in the two weeks before the weekend, or if any of your immediate family has been exposed.   If you test positive, we will issue a partial refund (send us a photo of your results ASAP)... the refund will be larger if we can fill your space (especially if you are lodged onsite)... so do this before you travel.

On the day the weekend starts, EVERYONE is required take a rapid test to check for COVID.  We will be in close contact with classes and meals, which are nearly impossible to mask for all the time.  If you test positive, we can give you a partial refund, especially if we can fill your space.  Please do not come if you are sick!!  You must present this negative test to go mask-free.  We will have a few extras tests available for purchase, but not enough for everyone.  Your button will have a sticker to announce your safety!

During the weekend: If you test negative, but lead a busy public life, please test daily, and mask if in close contact with someone who might be "at risk" for severe COVID.  If you are at risk, please wear a mask, to protect yourself and alert others.  During the concert, if we are allowing the general public, we strongly recommend you wear a mask for your own safety, and we will require all "guests" to wear masks... mostly, it will just be us. We recommend use of KN95 or medical grade masks if they are needed.

After the weekend: If you test positive, let us know.  We want to alert others of a possible infection (we will not give your name but will announce your instrument... or most common classes, so that people know to check themselves.  Let us know if you test positive, even if you have already been informed by us that someone else has, because this information will help guide us at future weekends.  We want to run the weekends with the best possible practices to insure the safety and enjoyment of all.

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