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English Dance Music Intensive with

            Paul Oorts and Dave Wiesler

April 29-May 1, 2022  In Person!!!

This class will work on building repertoire and building skill at playing English Dance music in ensemble, with a public dance event on Saturday night as the place where both students and faculty will combine to provide an exceptional experience for dancers and musicians alike! 

Class will be limited to 15 students maximum, and the group will be divide into 3 ensembles to work or arrangements, coached by Paul and Dave.  Each ensemble will be responsible for a third of the evening dance.  Sight Reading is essential.

About the Staff:

Paul Oorts a native of Belgium, is adept at musette accordion and many things with strings. His instrumental versatility and knowledge of many different styles of music have made Paul the accompanist of choice for many hammered dulcimer players and a valued member of several dance ensembles. He plays English and contra dance music with Goldcrest and Cabaret Sauvignon, and traditional French music with Ensemble Tympanon.  As a member of the Rigatoni Brothers he researches and performs Italian-American mandolin in trio music.

Dave Wiesler has built a national reputation for his rhythmic and innovative piano playing. At home in a huge range of styles, Dave plays for concerts and dances of many sorts: contra, swing, vintage, couple dance, English and Scottish country dance, Viennese waltz. He has played at festivals and dance camps across the country as well as in Canada, Scotland, and England. Dave has played on over a dozen recordings, many featuring tunes and songs he wrote, and he is also a capable guitarist and singer. Some of his other bands include Laura and the Lava Lamps, Cabaret Sauvignon, The Avant Gardeners, The Gigmeisters, Green Light Karma, and Thistle House.

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