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Cape Breton Weekend Classes
      still under development... but getting close!

Saturday, May 11, 2024
9:30-11:30 am: Class 1

     Wendy: CB Fiddle Style  
          Explore the connection between bowing style and step and ceilidh dance.  Find out what really helps the dancers with energy and precision.

    Troy: Piano Technique   

     An overview of accompaniment rhythms using the CB Fiddle class tunes to develop the characteristics of piano comping in this style. You will go home with examples of the various tune type rhythms and some useful practice items to develop the “bass runs” for which the style is renowned.

    Barry: Piping Tunes for Dancing (Jigs and Quicksteps)

       Jigs and quicksteps .. 2 genres of dance music: jigs are used for square sets and quicksteps are usually played in a robust fashion, not unlike some reels. The quickstep featured prominently in 19th century collections of  bagpipe music but many tunes were absorbed in the slower competition 2/4  march  pipe band and marching music genre. Join Barry as he examines interpretation and performance styles for these classes of pipe music from a Cape Breton perspective .

    Elke: Slow Airs, Marches, and Marching Airs for mixed instruments

1:30-3:30 pm: Class 2     
    Wendy: Dance Repertoire for Fiddle and Piano   
    Elke: Focus on Strathspeys and Reels, and how to drive them  
    Barry:  Piping tunes for Dancing:  Reels

     Reels have dominated Highland music for several hundred years of years and have experienced significant changes during this time. This class will concentrate on "reel" music for step dancing in conjunction with its development and evolution in a Scottish and Cape Breton context.

3:45-4:45 pm: Mini Classes and Extras!

     Wendy: Step Dance  

     Elke: Review the Medleys for the Ceilidh dance

     Barry: Slow Airs and Waltzes
         The playing of Scottish smallpipes has exploded in the past few decades and with it a curiosity of adaptable technique. Join Barry for an examination new interpretations and technique for some old tunes .This class will include slow airs and waltzes.

Sunday, May 12, 2023

9:30-11:30 am: Class 3

     Elke and Barry: Pipes and Fiddles Together

    An exploration of Cape Breton music and ways to meld the music of pipes and fiddle together. Building medleys and getting the flow between Marches Strathspeys and Reels.

     Wendy: Piano 

     Troy: Fiddle Technique Class
        Building medleys and getting the flow between Marches Strathspeys and Reels.

1:15-3:15 pm: Class 4 

     Wendy and Troy: Arranging CB tunes for Fiddle and Piano

     Barry: Strathspeys.

      For pipers this genre of music can be confusing. It is now mostly associated with competition and strict adherence the Highland dance displays seen at Highland games. The strathspey used to exist in several formats from step dance Strathspeys to the much older Strathspey Minuet.  They can be tunes for social dancing or simply listening music. Come along experience the tie world of strathspeys

     Elke: Scottish Fiddle Club Meet & Teach 1-4pm.

Details TBC

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